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The Mission of the PAC

The PAC’s mission is to engage families to help shape education policy, and represent parent voices in the district 5 decision-making process. The PAC is committed to helping close our district’s gaps in achievement and opportunity, and supports the Atlanta Public School’s strategic goals.

The Parent Advisory Council:

  • Has up to 18 members, who are parents and guardians of public school students from diverse communities across District 5. PAC members represent many cultures, languages, ethnicities and neighborhoods of the district’s student body.

  • Is appointed by Board Member Erika Y. Mitchell to serve a two-year term, beginning each summer. Terms are staggered so that about half of its members transition every year.

  • Speaks with families at schools and community centers, provides information about important issues in our district, and hears parents’ questions, concerns and suggestions about district issues.

  • Meets with Board Member Erika Y. Mitchell and school district staff to represent parent perspectives and recommendations for supporting student achievement.

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